THE LINK is a cost-effective revitalization of a modern building designed to accommodate large numbers of people.

The development takes advantage of existing infrastructure to deliver nearly 84,000 square feet of creative space at a low cost.

The table below outlines space allocations for THE LINK redevelopment (exclusive of common areas such as hallways and restrooms).  These space allocations and square footage measurements are subject to change.

Level 0

Production Studio     4628 sq ft

Level 1

Creative Innovation Centre: Co-working Cafe 2166 sq ft          Storefront Box Office        743 sq ft                  Studio Support Rm 1 1923 sq ft
Studio Support Rm 2 1706 sq ft
Studio Support Rm 3 1100 sq ft
Dressing Rooms (x 6) 900 sq ft
Producers Offices        840 sq ft
Edit Suites (x 3)           846 sq ft
Production Offices (x 7)   1159 sq ft              Wardrobe/Hair/Make-up 294 sq ft                   Common Areas (x 2)       1159 sq ft
Writers Room              588 sq ft
Audio Control Room     120 sq ft
Video Control Room     332 sq ft

Level 2

Creative Innovation Centre: 2nd Floor      4909 sq ft            Rehearsal Studio 1      874 sq ft
Theatre Support Space 1 1666 sq ft
Theatre Support Space 2 708 sq ft
Theatre Support Space 3 434 sq ft                Theatre Support Space 4 1367 sq ft                      Theatre Support Space 5 1328 sq ft
Storage Room 1          390 sq ft
Storage Room 2          407 sq ft
Production Offices       710 sq ft
Bar                             1145 sq ft
Flexible Performance Space                       12,731 sq ft
Cinema                      2624 sq ft                Lobby/Reception         351 sq ft

Level 3

Creative Innovation Centre: 3rd Floor      6307 sq ft                Dance Studio 1             2466 sq ft
Dance Studio 2          1490 sq ft              Cinema Offices            530 sq ft
Production Offices 1     545 sq ft
Production Offices 2    664 sq ft              

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Request for Expressions Of Interest (REOI)

Culture Link CIC & the Link Performing Arts Society want to hear from you!

We’re issuing a Request for Expressions of interest (REOI) from non-profit cultural organizations, for-profit organizations in the creative industries, performing arts organizations, music promoters, event planners and creative entrepreneurs. More information on how to draft and submit a proposal is available in The Link REOI document.