Our Vision

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Imagine a vibrant and interconnected creative hub that attracts extraordinary talent from all over the globe; nurtures our own artists and creative entrepreneurs; and thrills audiences with a smorgasbord of offerings, from theatre, to dance, to cinema, to live tapings of televised shows.

Why now?

Halifax has an ambitious plan to attract and retain young professionals and immigrants, with the aim to increase the city population by over 50,000 by 2021. Crucial to these plans are fostering entrepreneurship by “making Halifax an easier place to do business”, encouraging “cooperative action,” and by “cultivating the arts and culture scene.”

The cultural industries are essential to these goals. They foster individual creativity, skill and talent, and offer diverse and rewarding career opportunities, in particular to our youth. In its recent study “The Future of Jobs”, the World Economic Forum has noted that creativity is one of the top three job skills of the future.

Our Commitment

The Link will be:

  • be a central arts-focused space raising Halifax’s profile nationally and internationally, engaging and inspiring tourists and fellow citizens alike
  • be a true platform for artists, moving the needle for artistic innovation and experimentation
  • incubate and foster creative tech, arts entrepreneurship and performance industry crossover
  • be a dream-come-true for our youth, who will have a welcoming place connecting them to downtown and to a world of possibilities