Re-imagining the WTCC as a centre of creativity...


Flexible Theatre Space

At the heart of our plans to re-imagine of the WTCC is the conversion of the Grand Ballroom into a 16,000 sq. ft. multi-purpose flexible theatre space that can house live music, theatre and dance performances.

Halifax is missing a medium-sized performance hall in its downtown core.  As a result, we're unable to attract  a number of musicians and bands to our city that require a certain seating capacity to make their visits financially viable.  And in turn, we lack a key piece of infrastructure to nurture our own artists and enhance their profiles.

The Flexible Theatre Space will be able to accommodate up to 1700 concert goers.  And with retractable walls and other dividers, it will be possible to create more intimate spaces, particularly for theatre and dance performances.

cinema small.jpg


The cinema will feature 160 seats and will serve as Halifax’s home for the regular screening of independent films in partnership with Carbon Arc Independent Cinema.  Attendees will be able to purchase wine and beer and locally-sourced snacks.

The cinema will also serve as a presentation space that will be useful for lectures, demos, Ted Talks, pitches, and other demonstrations.

Media Production Facilities

The media production centre will feature a 5,000 sq ft studio with green screens, motion capture technology, in-house recording equipment and other components that will make it highly versatile and useful for content creation in a variety of mediums, including film, television, and virtual reality.  Support space will include production offices, hair/make-up and wardrobe rooms, edit suites and other facilities.

Green Screen studio.jpg

Dance Studios

B-3 Studio 2 2018.05.01 no people with logos (small).jpeg

The dance community has struggled to find adequate space for decades.  The time has come to give our dancers an inspiring location from which to create and present new work.

The Link will feature two dance studios with an approximate size of 2500 sq ft and 1500 sq ft each.

B-4 Studio 1 2018.05.01 no people with logos (medium).jpeg

Creative Innovation Centre

John Cleese once said that “creativity is not a talent.  It is a way of operating.” 

The Creative Innovation Centre will feature a curated collection of cultural non-profit organizations with a long history of artistic innovation as well as training and nurturing our best creative talent. Mixed with these dynamic organizations will be for-profit start-ups in the sector.  These companies will be given a competitive boost by sharing administrative resources, mentorship as well as board rooms, meeting rooms, hot desks, etc.

The Creative Innovation Centre will also host programming and training opportunities for companies and individuals, permitting the development of world-class training in design thinking.  The Link will make a major contribution to Halifax’s emerging Innovation District by injecting a sense of play and possibility into people’s lives, enhancing the potential for breakthroughs in all fields.

View Schematics

Schematics do not represent final designs for The Link, and layout may change considerably. File size is 7.5MB.